CATable: A Table For You And Your Cat

Hong Kong based designer Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture kept two basic rules in his mind while designing the pet oriented furniture, the CATable, a table for you and your cat. First, cat pets usually don’t like sharing their time with the owner’s laptop. It’s an emotional battle each time you want to work but your cat has other plans. Secondly, cats can’t resist crawling in tubes and spaces.


From the top the table looks like a normal desk but below the plain wooden surface lies what Ruan describes as ‘ the paradise for cats’. It’s a fusion design, where you and your pet can coexist, in an amicable way.


Unusually thick, this wooden table contains a network of tunnels and alleys, just the right size for cats to squeeze in, creep and crawl to satisfy their curiosity. Besides, the holes and tunnels are carved out by hand, making exploring an exciting experience for your feline friend.


To add to the appearance, the table also sports angled wooden legs with a darker pigment color. The design participated in an exhibition at Milan University as part of Milan Design Week.


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