Cat Tunnel Sofa: Smart Pet Lounge

By adapting furniture to satisfy human life and cat life, Korean designer Seungji Mun hopes to “enhance the harmony between human and pet.” The Cat Tunnel Sofa is a concept that lets cat owners connect deeper¬†with their pets – in a way that is equally satisfying to each – by simultaneously functioning as both a human couch and a cat playground. cat-tunnel-sofa-smart-pet-lounge-2 The tunnel lets cats explore, run, jump in and out of three openings, or curl up in a place they won’t be disturbed. At the same time, the tunnel acts as a backrest for people who want to sit or lay on the sofa. Cats and people may interact with the sofa in different ways but by interacting with the same object together, they communicate. cat-tunnel-sofa-smart-pet-lounge-5 Although the Cat Tunnel Sofa is still in a conceptual stage, the modern take on the sofa’s design would compliment a variety of living places. Instead of exiling pet cats to one corner of the house (which is probably why they end up everywhere), the Cat Tunnel Sofa is a product that hopes to deconstruct the way we think about the people/pet relationship. cat-tunnel-sofa-smart-pet-lounge-1 The Cat Tunnel Sofa can make bonding with your cat as easy as watching TV. If Snookems is missing, you might want to literally check in the couch.

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