Cast Iron Cookware For The Modern Home

We often put a lot of thought into the quality of what we eat, the instruments that we use to prepare our food should be no different. Ironwood is a modern take on cast iron cookware. It’s sleek and lighter than most machined smooth, pre-seasoned skillets. Ironwood is incredibly versatile – compatible for the stove to the oven or the grill, not to mention right onto a fire. Cast iron itself retains heat exceptionally well in addition to being incredibly durable. The 10.5″ skillet features a longer handle for easy two-handed grip unlike most other skillets out on the market. Seasoning your cast iron is essential to create that nonstick surface, therefore, Ironwood features a flat area with just enough texture to bone with their cottonseed oil seasoning. This is a pan that can be used to serve food right from the stove top to the table top. Its minimal and effortlessly cool design makes it a stylish way to showcase your cooking front and center. The skillet was designed with the home chef in mind – every meal will look as delicious as it tastes. Each skillet comes with its own solid wood trivet and serving spoon which nestles right into the handle, further streamlining the serving process. The heat retention keeps the meal warm until the very end. Their wooden accessories are made from unfinished beech wood which will naturally develop its own patina over time with use. The Ironwood mission is to create something beautiful for the modern household that embodies performance and presentation. Their goal is to support home chefs and their passion for beautiful food at home. Doing so by marrying serving ware and cookware. Ironwood is not only a great product but also a journey in manufacturing on an international level. The idea was incepted by the Strand Design, a team of industrial designers, manufacturing liaisons and marketing professionals spread across San Francisco, Chicago and Shanghai, that also bore The Fourneau Oven.

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