Carpal Tunnel Solution: Levitating Mouse

The BAT is a levitating wireless computer mouse concept created by Russian designer Vadim Kibardin. Not only does the BAT look minimalist and futuristic, it uses smart technology and has as ergonomic design. Carpal-Tunnel-Solution- Levitating-Mouse-01 The BAT set consists of a base, mouse pad and a floating mouse with a magnetic ring. The floating, navigating mouse is cleverly designed to help combat a common issue faced by many computer users: carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal-Tunnel-Solution-Levitating-Mouse-02 Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is characterized by a malfunctioning of the median nerve. In the wrist, the median nerve takes care of supplying feelings, motion and movements to parts of the hand. With CTS, the median nerve becomes numb, weak, dysfunctional and entrapped by over use, over exposure and undue pressure. Many who actively use computers are prone to symptoms of carpal tunnel and the BAT is designed to tackle, treat and cure them. Carpal-Tunnel-Solution-Levitating-Mouse-03 Unlike other devices, this one is designed to support and ease the median nerve while we work our hands and fingers on computers all day or night. Made of ABS plastic, it comes in two colors – black and white – and has the dimensions of W 135mm x D 145mm x H 40mm. The Bat levitates about 1-1/2″ above their base when left untouched and posses a set weight of 2000g. Carpal-Tunnel-Solution-Levitating-Mouse-04

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