Caply: Long Lasting Action Camera

Do you ever feel like time is just moving too fast for you? Didn’t the year just begin, and yet it’s already March? Sometimes we lose track of how fast time moves and we need a way to keep track of our adventures in life. That is where Caply, the Ultra lasting Action Camera, comes in. Caply is designed for you– you the adventurer, the hiker, the artist and the every day person. It’s designed to keep up with you and be both your companion on your life journey and a way to tell others about it. Caply was developed with a nod to the past, but also with an eye focused firmly on the future. Since life never stops going, Caply was made to be a life camera that will go the distance and keep up with you at all times. It has a small body but that brings up the old saying of not judging a book by its cover. It is filled with quality of life enhancements all packed efficiently into its intelligent design, and is essential for you. Caply uses a second generation low-energy consumption solution and has custom battery design that will enable it to record non-stop for up to 5 hours. It can also record 24-hour time-lapses, and standby for more than 120 hours. In other words, Caply is there when you need it, at any given time. It is always at the ready for when you need to capture that moment, that one moment where you find something extraordinary. Caply is versatile and On-The-Go and does this with its Ultra Portable Size and Weight, Interchangeable Accessories as well as its Assistive Touch and Voice Control that allow for minimum effort to be taken whenever you need to get your recording started. This is the camera for life. Find more information here.

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