Cape Cod: Wash Bowl With Console

Style is personal. Most can agree to that. However, trends—described one way as a general popular choice—are considered. What is most prevalent in style is definitely personal, but also by what is common, a trend. Style and trends can be noticed in personal dress, decor at a home or in the workplace, or even by the car you drive; wherever there are choices pertaining to design. cape-cod-2 Looking at a home for example, and specifically changing its style by undertaking renovations will obviously create something new, but maybe there’s a new function too. A new light in the kitchen will probably have a different fixture than before, but now this new light could be an energy saving light, a better choice for household efficiency. If one is looking to renovate his or her bathroom, the Cape Cod is a collection that offers a basin in a stylish counter referred to as the Cape Cod wash bowl with console. The designer Philippe Starck prides himself on his design and the materials used for this wash bowl with console. It is made from ceramic called DuraCream. It is very strong and the sink only needs to be 5 mm thick. These wash bowls come in three different shapes, which are: round, square, and tri-oval. The console is really a shelf under the wash bowl. The Cape Cod wash bowl with console is a red-dot 2015 product winner. It looks sophisticated and doesn’t need much space. A wash bowl that can do that already makes it very personalized. Less space gives more room anywhere and for anything. With such an elegant finish, the Cape Cod wash bowl with console fashions a minimalistic style, which is a trend that can’t be missed! cape-cod-3

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