The Camperbox: The Foldable Travel Kit

Revolutionize camping trips with a small and portable, yet effective travel kit that could change the way you sleep on the road! The Camperbox is a camping kit that can unfold into a bed in under a minute! Transform the trunk of your car into a comfy, cozy bedroom with some simple construction. Camperbox-4 Travel cheaper by setting the Camperbox up right in the comfort of your own vehicle! Its adaptive material makes it a perfect fit for every car- make the Camperbox longer or shorter depending on how much room you have. Its foam mattress makes it comfortable and easy to sleep on. When the morning rolls around, simply fold everything up, pack it into the travel bag, and go! camperbox-11 The bed fits two people comfortably, and its easy-to-mount system means it takes 30 seconds to assemble. Its lightweight material makes it portable and easy to carry around! Don’t lose any luggage space while sleeping with Camperbox- luggage can be stored directly under the mattress! Sleep safe and secure while keeping track of all of your belongings. camperbox-9 Enjoy an entirely new camping experience. Camberbox gives you the option to connect more directly with nature. Decide for yourself where you’d like to sleep- in front of a waterfall or in the middle of mountains! Enjoy a better scenery than from inside a hotel room. The assembly is fairly easy and simple to follow: unpack the materials, set down the bars that run across the width of the bed frame, and finally, insert the mattress. camperbox-7 Camperbox fits correctly in a wide variety of cars, including the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, Seat León, and many more! Make camping overall easier and cheaper! To learn more, click on the video below.

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