Camp Daybed: For Casual Sleepers and Casual Sitters

From simplicity to a beautiful craft, the Camp Daybed by product designer Stephanie Hornig achieves success as a product that is both gorgeous and functional. At first glance, it looks just like a regular sofa, but in fact it’s a standing sleeping bag. The sofa acts as a relaxing daybed, a comfortable couch, or a sleeping mattress. You don’t ever have to worry about dragging yourself to bed or falling asleep in front of the TV. Camp-Daybed-For-Casual-Sleepers-and-Casual-Sitters-02 The sofa is a stylish version of the traditional sofa but takes up much less space, and it is much more convenient in all situations. The Camp Daybed functions as easy as it looks – simply unzip it, open it, slip inside and fall asleep at your wish. Additionally, the green texture perfectly matches the theme of the product, a lll resulting in this cool and multifunctional sofa. Camp-Daybed-For-Casual-Sleepers-and-Casual-Sitters-03 The designer mentions that this project was inspired by her feelings of simplicity and independence when with Nature.The sofa is a piece of modern furniture design that is both visually calm and excellent as a comfortable bed to sleep on at night. It uses green guilted fabric with fluorescent red rubber straps that hardens the entire structure, with little additional pockets on the side to keep all of your belongings at your finger tips. The Camp Daybed no doubt is a beautiful modern furniture design that achieves both the visual appeals and a functional craft. Camp-Daybed-For-Casual-Sleepers-and-Casual-Sitters-04

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