Caldera: The Volcano Sink

You are looking at a post-modern sink. This basin’s design has earned its right to be considered a contemporary installation. It is minimalist enough to be regarded as chic and practical but artistic enough to captivate your full attention. Let’s be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a sink that matches up to the Caldera. Calder-02 Inspired by nature, the Caldera sink gets its name and also its material from volcanic activity. After a volcanic explosion, the magma chamber is emptied, leaving a crater-looking effect behind (a deep sink) where life slowly resumes around. This exact shape is what the Australian-based artists at Rogerseller have recreated when designing Caldera. A slight depression has been carved out of the sinks’ mold, leaving it one-of-a-kind and functional. Caldera-03 The sink is available in a symmetrical oval or rectangle size and will always have a unique volcanic design. The colours range from emperador grey, bianco carrara marble, and ceramilux. The solid marble slabs are precisely cut into the desired shape and smoothed out for proper installation. The finished product is matte and sleek, and its material can withstand high heat. Due to its size and accessibility, Caldera is also fairly easy to clean. Caldera-05 Installing the sink is fairly easy and unique to set up. Caldera is a wall-mounted basin outlet. This means that the actual sink facet is in direct contact with the wall while the basin remains unattached. The back plate remains invisible when adjusting to hot or cold water. This ensures the design remains eloquent. Caldera-04 In honor of the company celebrating its mark of 120 years in the design industry, the Caldera sink is a product they are both proud to present but also have taken much time in creating. Propelling the world of interior design forward, Rogerseller is moving forward into the future of kitchen and bath decor. To view the Caldera volcanic sink in full detail, click here.

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