On: Cable-friendly Side Table

Your phone is about to die and you desperately need to charge it.  You rush to the side table to plug it in only to find that the 6-outlet power bar is a complete mess. Surely by the time you untangle the mess and find the right charging cord your phone will have died.  It’s an all too familiar situation that we so often find ourselves in.  With so many gadgets and cords, it’s hard to keep everything neat and tidy.  Lucas Nichetto of Nichetto Studio has designed On, a cable-friendly side table that will resolve the dilemma of cable clutter. on_table_03-738x494 Nichetto Studio loves to come up with innovative and clever ideas, and then translate them into functional, high quality products.  Embodying this design concept, On allows cords to be fed through its hollow stand to both organize and conceal them.  Made of just three pieces, the functional side table‘s assembly is practically non-existent.  Just stack the top on to the stand on to the base, and that’s it–no nails, no screws, and no pesky tools are needed. on_table_04-738x492 On’s functionality can be attributed to its innovative cork base that elevates the table far enough off the ground for cables to rest inside comfortably. The tiny divot in the base lets the power cord run through without having to be squished or bent in a damaging way. on_table_02-738x492 When the table is assembled, cords can travel up through the body without being detected.  Only the jack has to be visible (and easily accessible) through the nifty hole of the tabletop.  On is currently available in either a deep lacquer red to make a statement, or a clean porcelain white for a less noticeable look. A brilliant solution to the ugly tangled mess created by our many , many cables, Nichetto’s On cable-friendly side table is a beautifully functional addition to any home. on_table_06-738x493

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