CA7CH Lightbox: Streaming Camera

The CA7CH Lightbox is a simple Kickstarter idea born from the need to have technology keep up with our lifestyles. Taking photographs has never been easier with our smartphones and cameras. The results are instant and we are only limited by our own desires, not a length-process of developing photographs. The CA7CH Lightbox makes photography a seamless experience and a co-pilot to your life, taking and sharing memories and events automatically. ca7ch-lightbox-streaming-camera-02 Measuring 1.5 inches height and length, the square camera is lightweight and easy to carry around in life. The top features of this camera include being waterproof, Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled to connect with your phone, 8MP sensor, -35dB microphone, 8GB of storage. Featuring a magnetic clip to keep it attached to you during even the roughest trips. The whole process can be hands-free, letting you enjoy the experience fully and yet still capture the moment without a screen in the way. ca7ch-lightbox-streaming-camera-03 With just a click, the media is uploaded to your cloud storage and can be auto-shared if you want. The single-button serves a few purposes and allows users to choose still photos, short video, audio or live streaming. ca7ch-lightbox-streaming-camera-04 There is even a CA7CH app that gives you control of the camera’s settings, create gifs, create camera-events where friends can all share and comment. The Viewfinder lets you see as CA7CH sees and offers the ability to get the right perspective for your capture-worthy moments. In addition, the app has basic photo-editing capabilities, allowing you to enhance your photos with filters, frames and text. Video:

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