Carbon13: Carbon Geometry Set

Most of us are familiar with the traditional clear plastic geometry sets that include rulers and protractors varying in different degrees. Carbon13 has taken the traditional geometric set and elevated its functionality by incorporating carbon fibres. The Carbon Geometry Set is their latest product created to be portable and usable in any environment while still maximizing functionality. The geometric set includes 5 pieces consisting of; 2 SuperLight rulers, U Square, Small Square, and Large Square measuring devices. The pieces included in the geometry set are made with carbon fibres. These carbon fibers make the measuring devices sturdy and strong, yet flexible. The pieces range from 0.5mm-0.8mm, making the set portable and thin enough to even store in your pocket, or a notebook. The set provides the traditional function of a geometric set, but adds the element of flexibility and multi function. You can bend and twist some of the rulers, carry them in your wallet or notebook, and even use the edges to cut open mail or an avocado! The squares have a built in protractor for easy use, and circle cut outs for drawing. The scales are end to end on each side, and the edges produce a clean line whether you are using this for drawing or measuring. Unlike metal rulers, these carbon fiber rulers do not scratch the surface of whatever you are measuring. They are available for metric and imperial measurements adapting to the system used in each country. The flexibility feature is an added advantage to measure unusual surfaces that contain different curves and forms. This set is designed to be portable and easily accessible so you don’t have to bring one of those chunky metal tins filled with non-flexible thick measuring devices everywhere you go. The C13 carbon geometry set is a great staple to have whether you are in design, an artist, or even someone who needs to measure the occasional things or two.

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