BuzziJungle: Vertical Conversation Tower

There’s always a way to lounge. It does vary on preferences, time of day, when, or who to go with etc. Some examples are, but not excluded to: going to a themed bar, or maybe coffee after dinner, drinks following a dinner party. These examples probably sound familiar to many of us. Since there is a way to lounge there is an atmosphere that accompanies it, hence lounging. The BuzziJungle is a metal structure used for lounging and by its design it shows that where formality is necessary this structure provides a good break from it. buzzijungle A school, a place of employment, or even a public institution is where a BuzziJungle can be placed. During a break from the standard, one can certainly enjoy this structure and lounge for that much deserved coffee or lunch break and then head back to the norm. buzzijungle-2 The long metal seats are spaciously compounded on top of each other with the seats serving each as a level of this vertical conversation. So one can sit at the bottom or move to the next level, which is a long seat to sit on too. There appears to be 6 levels of this vertical structure. The designer Jonas Van Put was inspired by nature when coming up with this architectural masterpiece. buzzijungle-3 Light cascades down through the vertical conversation because of the mesh in this structure. In a forest, light shines through the branches of a tree, and Jonas Van Put wanted that in this design. This different piece really has a look to it such that it will elicit a new fondness for innovation in renovations or entirely new constructions that are meant to incorporate cutting edge designs. The BuzziJungle not only offers an exclusive structure for lounging, but also creates another atomsphere as individuals are much closer and conversations literally are vertical. To inquire further about this custom made product, click here. buzzijungle-4

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