Bungy Sofa: Never Lose an Item

Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t a sofa where you can relax and plummet off the edge of a canyon. Rather, the Bungy Sofa, created by Bucks New University graduate Leala Dymond, integrates bungee cords over the couch cushions in a rectangular pattern.  No, this isn’t with the intention of doing some bungee jumping, but for the purpose of keeping miscellaneous objects like remote controls, magazines, and pillows in place. image The panic is very real as 8PM rolls around and you’re seconds away from the season finale of your favourite show only to discover that your remote is nowhere in sight. The coffee table, its usual designation, is free of any remotes, and the surrounding area doesn’t help much. The couch, more often than not, swallows our remotes or hides them under its dusty cave where you are more likely to find hairballs and loose change than the remote control. The Bungy Sofa eliminates this last-minute scramble through its innovative use of bungee cords. image Designed similarly to any standard couch or futon, cushions rest on the bottom and back of a wooden frame.  But through the frame and knotted securely around the cushions are yellow bungee cords, taut to give the sofa a splash of colour on a usually simplistic couch, yet pliable enough that you can hold a remote under its cords or roll a newspaper or magazine into its sides. Many times has a remote been lost to any loose pillows or throw blankets on a couch, or simply caught under an unsuspecting person’s thigh. With Bungy Sofa, placing a remote under a cord locks it in place and makes it easily accessible. image The days of the lost remote and too-far reading material are over with Bungy Sofa putting all your remote controls, magazines, and pillows right by your side.

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