Bungee Bath: A Bungee Cord Shower Organizer

Forget your gungy plastic shelves and awkward showerhead baskets – this simple space-saving and convenient shower organizer will keep everything within easy reach without the grime and struggle. The brainchild of Flávia Arantes Jensen, the Bungee Bath evolved from a suction cup and hair-ties make-shift device, to a fully designed a produced product. This Bungee Bath was a Kickstarter project that reached its funding goals in March of this year, and will be heading into mass production this year. Bungeebath_01 The Bungee Bath is a device that keeps the bottles of your bathing products off the floor and within reach. It features a rubber elastic bungee cord with two wider bands at the end to firmly grip your bottles. The bands are stretchy enough to fit any regular-sized shampoo/soap bottle, and has enough grip to hold it firmly. But what makes this product unique is the suction cup. Ordinary suction cups do no stick to a tile for very long and cannot hold much weight. The minds behind Bungee Bath developed a fastening system that uses the shape of a suction cup, coupled with new-aged adhesive polymers. The circle that adheres to the wall is sticky, which keeps it from slipping. Although it’s sticky, it can be re-applied and adjusted by just cleaning the adhesive side with some soap and water. Bungeebath_02 With this smart cord organiser you can hang your products at any height, and you can even hang them upside down, which helps you get every drop out of the bottle. In that sense, it’s eco-friendly too! There’s no more clutter, no more waste and no more fuss. It’s also kind of fun. The kids will eat this one up.

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