Bulbing: The Optical Illusion Lamp

This simple, minimalist table lamp will make your guests do a double-take. The design etched into the “bulb” creating 3D forms on a 2D piece of acrylic. The soft glow and the stunning wire-sculpture that are etched into the lamp makes the Bulbing an intriguing and beautiful addition to any room in your home. Created by Nir Chehanowski of Israeli design firm Studio Cheha, these intriguing lamps attempt to alter our perception of everyday objects.   bulbing-03 The Bulbing lamp consists of two pieces: the base and the acrylic glass sheet “bulb.” The base is carved out of birch plywood and houses the LED light bulb that lights up the design. The acrylic glass sheet that is inserted into the base can be easily changed for variety. The acrylic sheet with the etching is only 5mm thick, but when the lamp is turned on, the LED lights up and create the illusion of 3D forms. The lamp is now available in 6 different variations: the original light bulb, the spiral light bulb (designed to mimic an LED light bulb), a galaxy, a teddy bear, a skull and a mountain and stars. Each design renders amazing 3D images on thin translucent plates.   bulbing-04 Created by the UK based company Studio Cheha, the Bulbing is a low-key piece of glowing art which is made locally and with sustainability in mind. The LED bulb in the lamp lasts for up to 50, 000 hours, producing a warm light that doesn’t overheat. The thin, light design of the lamp makes this piece a space-saver, and the availability of different bulb design ensures that you won’t get bored of it. Just simply lift the top out of the base, and place the new bulb into the slot. bulbing-02   The Bulbing is a really simple way to add some visual interest to your home. The designs are fun and beautiful, and the soft light is relaxing and soothing. In addition to the beauty, it was also created to be light, thin, and eco-friendly – this Kickstarter project is an easy one to get behind. The Bulbing was fully-funded on the crowdfunding site last year, and all designs are now available on Studio Cheha’s website.   Video:  

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