Bulat: Your All-in-One Chef’s Knife

It’s not easy to find a knife that is comfortable to hold, durable, and stays sharp for a long time. Even if there was, the price for such a knife is probably more than the expected cost range. Bulat, however, has created an all-in-one kitchen knife that doesn’t have such a crazy price. Alex Commons, Bulat’s initiator, is a passionate home cook and entrepreneur, who happens to be a knife nerd. He knows how frustrating it can be to find a knife that works specifically to you. Bulat-kitchen-knife-holding-07 Bulat uses eastern and western knife-making to create a beautifully sharp blade that can smoothly slice, mince and dice ingredients effortlessly. Bulat-kitchen-knife-cutting-06 A dull knife can decrease efficiency and take more effort to use. Bulat uses a Japanese VG-10 steel, a high-carbon stainless material that prevents corrosion, for the blade. The VG-10 steel ranks around 57 – 59 for hardness on the Rockwell scale, a test that measures a material’s toughness. This means that the Bulat kitchen knife will stay sharp and durable without you having to use it cautiously to avoid dullness or corrosion. Bulat-kitchen-knife-steel-02 A good knife cannot be without a good grip. After more than a year of designing and experimenting, Bulat has finally decided on a grip shape that is fitting for all hand sizes. The handle shape is also comfortable and sturdy to hold regardless of how you grip the knife. Bulat uses olive wood, a hardwood that’ll help you keep your grasp on the kitchen knife even if you have wet hands. Bulat-kitchen-knife-grip-05 Not all good designs need to be from big brands.

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