BUKA: Candle Holder “Floats”

By January 5, 2017 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

Candles have always been a statutory house decoration to cozy up any household. However, the same boring designs have been recycled over and over again, with little to no variety in the mix. Ever wanted tp spice things up a bit? BUKA is a candle holder that makes the candle seem as if it were floating- adding back mysterious and excitement to your life!

BUKA, created by Switzerland-based designer diiis, makes the candle appear as if it were floating if viewed from a specific angle. The BUKA candle holder brings back a little mystery and wonder experienced in childhood. It is a simple, minimalistic design that fits perfectly in to any home, subtly capturing attention through the awe and magnificence of a floating candle.


The unique design of the candleholder brings more attention to the candle itself, showcasing both the candle, and what appears to be the lack of a candleholder. It comes in stainless steel or matte black to suit a wide variety of preferences. The colors themselves are fairly neutral, as to not draw any attention away from the candle.


The plate diameter is 200mm and is made of stainless steel. BUKA overall makes for a clean, polished look that makes for an elegant addition to your household. It is especially useful to help your family keep warm on cold winter nights, in a quiet, fashionable way. Simply sit back, relax, and let the candle float with BUKA.


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