Bubble Chair: Keeps You Cosy And Isolated

The Bubble Chair is a reinvention of Eero Aarnio’s classic 1968 ball chair. His many variations on the ball chair have become icons of 1960’s minimalistic design, as classic examples of clean, organic lines blended with bold colour contrasts. bubble-chair-a-quiet-04 The Bubble Chair shares with its predecessor the unique ability to dampen external noise through its bell-shape, in essence, cocooning you in a pleasant sphere of silence. In a world permeated with constant stimulation and distractions, the Bubble Chair provides the much needed space to concentrate and to relax. bubble-chair-03 The Bubble Chair departs from its predecessor in a key way, by changing the walls of the chair from opaque plastic to clear acrylic. By adding a steel rim and hanging the chair on a chain, light is not impeded by any form of structural support. The resulting user experience is a paradoxical blend of solitude and immersion in the surrounding environment. Although first designed in the 1960’s, the Aarnio’s bubble chairs along with his other designs are still being manufactured by ADELTA in Finland.

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