Brew Bag: Brewing Coffee On-The-Go

Making your coffee routine easier than ever is the world’s smallest coffee maker, Brew Bag! Designed by coffee lover, Gabriel Myer Ross, Brew Bag is a pre-filled, single-use coffee drip bag that blends the luxury and taste of a fresh brew with the ease and convenience of instant coffee. brewbag2 Intricate brewing equipment is often beautifully designed and nice for days when you have the time to wait for a perfect brew. Not to mention it’s usually quite expensive! But for those of us on the go, Brew Bag delivers a quick and easy way to have the same great-tasting coffee in less time, for less cost and with less hassle! brewbag4 Each filter bag is filled with ethically sourced coffees including specialty blends such as Himalayan Pradesh, a rare coffee irrigated by the glacial melt of the Himalayan mountains. The filter bags are also flexible, easily fitting almost all household mugs. Boasting a portable, unique and compact design, you can use Brew Bag at home, in the office or while you’re out. Simply place a filter in a cup, attaching the flaps to the sides of the mug, pour hot water in the bag and enjoy your coffee on-the-go! brewbag3 Brew Bags are offered in an assortment of blends, flavours and caffeine levels to suite your coffee needs. If you’re looking to relax, you can try the decaf or half-caff blend to alleviate stress after a hard days work and if you’re longing for that familiar jolt of energy, indulge in the Charged Brew, a Robusta bean with double the caffeine of Arabica beans! With an unparalleled dedication to quality, Brew Bag coffee grounds are ethically sourced. Throughout the entire production process, Brew Bag ensures the wellbeing and sustainable growth of coffee farmers across the world. brewbag5 Brew Bag yields an aromatic and flavourful brew that’s as easy as making a cup of tea. For great-tasting coffee on-the-go, these pre-filled, single-use coffee drip bags are the fastest way to get your coffee fix! brewbag1

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