Braeön: World’s Strongest & Most Adaptable Material

Braeön is a great addition to any toolbox. Its material is lighter and more versatile than rope, and is a high strength and lightweight plastic ribbon that molecularly fuses itself onto anything in a matter of seconds. Better than any other tape, you simply heat Braeön, press onto it to form the plastic into any desired shape. It is a self-bonding plastic that will have a bond as strong as steel once it’s cooled. Braeön-World's-Strongest-&-Most-Adaptable-Material-02 To use, simply heat the ribbon with hot air or liquid that is at least 140°F. Then, bend and mold it into shape. Let it set and once it has cooled, it should form a bond as strong as steel. You can always make adjustments to the bond by reheating the ribbon to reshape it. Braeön-World's-Strongest-&-Most-Adaptable-Material-03 For outdoor use, Braeön is especially good in creating custom grips, harnesses, and handles. Use it on equipment, gear, and even toys. Made from an incredibly lightweight material., 100 ft. of Braeön only weighs approximately one pound. It is as strong as steel, meaning it has a tensile strength of over 2000 lb. This versatile tape is small enough to carry around like a roll of tape but malleable enough to create a high strength bond at the molecular level.

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