Boxetti: Unfold Your Room

What do you do when your furniture is not in use? Wish you could simply flip it up and fold it away? Boxetti is a collection created by Rolands Landsbergs, where it’s possible to pack away your furniture to maximize space in the rest of your home. Boxetti-6 Sections of the furniture fold out when needed, enabling full functionality of that piece of furniture. The Boxetti collection includes Boxetti Private, Boxetti Lounge, Boxetti Practice, Boxetti Thrill, and Boxetti Lunch. Each piece represents modernized furniture with the undercurrent theme of minimalism constantly being demonstrated throughout. Boxetti-4 To eliminate dead space, each piece folds neatly into a box. Its plain exterior encourages a simple and comfortable design. Boxetti’s subtleness blends in easily with any home. Boxetti-7 Boxetti Private includes all of the regular bedroom functions: a double bed, nightstand, and wardrobe. When not in use, the bed folds up via remote control, together with the night stand. Lighting can be located above the headboard- perfect for some midnight reading. Boxetti-8 The Boxetti Lounge is perfect for a flexible living room- it includes a three-seat couch, removable blocks that can act as tables, and a foldable desktop and seat located behind the couch. Boxetti-9 A neat and clean-looking workspace is necessary for a clean mindset. Boxetti Practice comes with a manual foldaway desktop, drawers, bookshelves, and a smaller workspace indented into the furniture itself, for a more comfortable environment. Boxetti-10 Boxetti Thrill is the perfect party system for entertaining guests. A TV set and a built-in-hi-fi audio system come included with the box, then simply tucks away. Boxetti-11 Boxetti Lunch includes all the necessary equipment for the perfect kitchen. Slide the counter to the side to reveal a sink with a tap. Built-in safety measures prevent the counter from closing automatically. This piece includes drawers for tableware, extensible bar seats, and space for a fridge. To learn more about Boxetti, visit their website here.

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