BottleLight: Water Purifier UV Camping Light

In order to experience nature you have to be near it, and you must trust your backpack with limited but necessary equipment. What’s better than combining a water bottle and a light in one? A portable UV water purifier during the day, and a useful camping light at night is what Bottlelight is all about. The top part of the bottle consists of two pressurized casted aluminum parts with an inner sealing, creating a watertight and rugged finish for the battery, UV, and its LED light unit. An USB port at the top lets you charge the battery up to 10 hours, while the 45-degree reflector at the bottom of the bottle provides a bright, reflecting light source at night. And lastly, the shatter-proof dual glass of the bottle provides a removable bottom for easy cleaning. BottleLight-Water-Purifier-UV-Camping-Light-03 BottleLight-Water-Purifier-UV-Camping-Light-05 BottleLight-Water-Purifier-UV-Camping-Light-02 By simply moving the slider to the right, the LED will start to flash up and your water will be sterilized momentarily, in a short time your water will be safe to drink. The Bottlelight is two essentials combined into one product, allowing you to free up room in your backpack for your gear while you are alone in nature. The next time you go hiking or camping, the Bottlelight will be on hand to help you survive in the wilderness.

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