The Bottery: Robotic Ceramics

Creating ceramics has been a part of human art and functionality. As great as this art form is, it takes considerable skill to do well. The people at Emerging Objects want to give everybody the gift of having beautiful, multi-functional pottery with the Bottery robotic ceramics. The Bottery is an educational space that people and companies can produce revolutionary ceramic creations. By attending workshops, people can gain the knowledge and tools to make beautiful ceramics out of environmentally-safe, quality clays and glazes. Clay is strong, beautiful, sustainable, and non-toxic. Emerging Objects has also made an app to accommodate individuals without the means to attend their Bottery facility. The app will enable you to make digital layouts for wonderful ceramic blueprints. Additionally, 3D Potter has teamed up with Emerging Objects to use their technology and provide a purchasable version of their printers. With Emerging Objects’ technology you can create beautiful 3D-printed ceramics of your own making. The process can be as detailed as you want and be available incredibly fast. To find out more about the Bottery and what products you can make, check out their Kickstarter.

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