Boost : A Backpack “Solarly” For You

BrikSun’s Boost Solar Charger Backpack is the ultimate way to charge your digital equipments. Spending an entire day out is wonderful, but it’s never fun when you discover your phone has died. The product eliminates your worry of losing power while you spend your day anywhere. Boost-A-Backpack-Solarly-For-You-03 The Solar Backpack has a built-in solar panel that allows you to charge your devices anywhere on the go. The solar panel harness sun’s energy and transform that energy into a usb cable which you can simply plug your device into. This backpack comes in handy especially when you go on camping. Boost-A-Backpack-Solarly-For-You-04 With 100% waterproof solar panel, the backpack is also lightweight, durable and easy to use. Simply plug the built in usb outlet into your phone and it starts charing instantly, 1% of battery life for every 3 minute of sunlight, your phone will be fully charged within no time. The technology is powerful, while the design of the backpack is on top of the fashion too. Smooth nylon and five different colours makes the product a trendy pick. Boost-A-Backpack-Solarly-For-You-05 The Solar Backpack isn’t simply colourful, but also powerful in terms of the charging rate. This new bond of technology and fashion makes the backpack and remarkable product.

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