Bono: Natural Food Composter

Every household produces waste, but a grand majority of waste is preventable organic waste. Want to cut down and save the planet? Things like coffee grounds, orange peels, and scraps of food slowly but surely contribute to accumulated total waste in every family. Transform waste to nutrients with the Bono Composter, and do your bit for the environment. Bono-4 Bono was developed by Polish designer Ala Sieradzka, and made to be efficient, convenient, and easy to use. Bono takes little effort to use, and can turn your organic waste into a nutrient-filled fertilizer that can be used to feed your very own home plants. Bono-6 This composter comes with a lid and a base and a complete pull-out tray for collecting nutrients from the decomposition at the bottom. Holes decorate the top for ventilation and also increases air circulation. Bono-9 Here’s how it works. First, lay down damp paper at the bottom of the composter. Top it with garden soil and some newspaper shreds. Earthworms are also essential for the decomposition process. Bono-8 Next, add peels of fruits, veggies, and other organic material that would end up in your waste basket anyways. Sprinkle egg shells weekly to correct the Ph. Bono-12 After 2-3 months, a biohumus collection will develop. This can be used for fertilizer, and helps plants grow! Bono-14 After, collect the decomposition liquid from the fold-out tray at the bottom. This substance is full of nutrients, and can be used to feed your hungry plants! For plant-lovers, this is the perfect item to have in your kitchen. Raise your own mini garden easily with homemade fertilizer, while saving the environment at the same time. It may seem small, but every bit makes a huge difference! To learn more about Bono, view the video below!

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