Bonjour: A Personal Assistant Alarm Clock

Say “hello” to Bonjour. Ever needed a personal assistant in the morning, evening, or simply around the house? Bonjour is an adaptive, artificially intelligent alarm clock that uses modern-day technology to perform your morning tasks so you can start your day right. bonjour-3 What, exactly, can Bonjour do for you? She can sync to your calendar and wake you up on time for any meetings or appointments you may have. Tell her you want to go for a run at 6 a.m., and she’ll wake you up on time- or let you sleep in if the weather calls for rain. She can check the traffic, play your music, control your lights, temperature, cameras, and much more! bonjour-5 As a smart clock, Bonjour improves her language skills over time. With a human-like voice, Bonjour wakes you up every morning and encourages natural conversation as you start your day. Additionally, she’ll get used to your daily routine! As she learns how long you take to get ready, and how long it takes for you to get to work, she will tailor her settings to your lifestyle. With a unique voice-recognition system, Bonjour will pick up on what you say after the phrase “Ok, Bonjour”! Ask her what to wear, or even order an Uber with her! Bonjour also comes with a special privacy feature. When privacy mode is active, Bonjour won’t hear a word you say. bonjour-6 Want to integrate your fitness into your daily life? No problem! Bonjour can also sync with multiple fitness apps and keep track of the number of steps you’ve taken as well. If you’re falling behind on your exercise regime, Bonjour will notify you when your schedule is clear and the weather is sunny so that you can go for a run! bonjour-8 Bonjour adds security to your life by controlling your doors, gates, and garage. When it’s time to sleep, simply say “goodnight” to Bonjour, and she’ll let you know if anything’s open. bonjour-9 Bonjour is also compatible with some security systems, and uses WiFi to show what your camera sees on-screen, in real time. Bonjour will let you know if she sees something fishy. bonjour-9 Ask Bonjour to play a song, and she’ll play from Spotify, or other radio stations. She’s equipped with two speakers and a bass radiator to make the most out of your music. Bonjour also allows your loved ones to record a private video message for you to wake up to in the morning, and also has a USB outlet so that you can charge your devices directly from the clock. bonjour-10 To make your mornings even brighter, allow Bonjour to assist you in your daily routine with a simple oral command! To learn more about Bonjour, watch the video below!

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