Boncho: The Ultra Breathable Bike Poncho

The Boncho is a unique, ultra breathable bike poncho that protects you in the rain while riding your bike. This brilliant poncho not only promises to keep the rider completely dry, but also the bike when out in the rain. boncho-02 Unlike your standard raincoat, Boncho is cleverly designed to protect the lower half of the body when pedaling. It spreads widely and extends all the way to cover the handlebars, thus forming a canopy over your legs and feet. It shields all of this without hampering the actual movements of the rider. Boncho-002 Just like a pop-up tent, this poncho can be folded down into a very sleek, and small package which can then be stowed away in a small case for easy transport.  Boncho can even be attached to your bike for easier access when on the go. Boncho-005 This product is a combination of durable material, applied research, and outdoor technology, thereby resulting in a waterproof, breathable, sturdy, and comfortable yet absolutely stylish rain garment. Created by Vanmoof, this pop-up wearable poncho is a must have for those who encounter sudden rain and less-than-ideal weather conditions. Boncho-003 With Boncho tucked in your bag, you are sure never to get wet in any sudden burst of rain, expected or unexpected.

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