Blow Daybed: An Indoor Lounge Inspired by the Pool

Created by Italian designer Emanuele Magini for Gufram, the Blow Daybed is a fun and interesting lounge seat. Bringing pool-side relaxation to your living room, this chaise brings the whimsy of summer to any season. Designed keeping comfort and relaxation in mind, this concept design pop lounge chaise is indeed a clever air mattress.   Inspired by the inflatable lilos and floaters in the pool, this piece is just perfect for a lazy afternoon rejoicing and cruising with friends. It gives the feeling of floating on an endless ocean – from the safety of the home-harbour. This day bed is not inflatable, sadly, but rather is a properly-cushioned chaise made from polyurethane foam. The Blow Daybed stands on four tube-like aluminium legs, with a sturdy aluminum frame within the mattress.  The headrest is angled to give the head an upward lift, giving it a little more shape than the blow-up versions. The cozy base cushions are ribbed and made from eco-friendly microfiber material.   Blow-daybed-03 This fun air mattress is comfortable, playful and takes extreme idleness seriously. You can relax for hours and hours with your imagination taking you to the beach, pool or ocean. Another highlight: there are no weather restrictions.  

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