Bloom: Floating Book Shelf

Bloom is a highly conceptual book case created by Tel Aviv-born designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, owners of UK based design company called Raw Edges.


The design of this floating book shelf takes its inspiration from a weaving loom — a device on which you weave yarn of thread in order to make fabric.


The visual effect created by the bookshelf when it is fully occupied by books is quite striking — the hanging hard and soft-covers give the impression of levitating, so that where normally bookshelves give off the sense of stability and weight the buoyancy of Bloom makes one think of airiness, giving the books that it holds an unexpected sense of lightness.


The design of the bookshelf encourages its owners to be creative. The stoppers found on each individual string, which hold the books hung on the shelf securely in place, can be moved to any desirable position along the height of the string. This allows people to literally compose the final appearance of the bookshelf, giving control over the shape of the design created by the spines of the suspended books.


Notably, besides creating Bloom, the duo at Raw Edges has in the past brought to life other conceptual furniture designs such as Deskbox and Booken.


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