Block: Engimatic Side Table

Block is a visual phenomenon functioning as a simple side table. Designed by Andy Martin in 2013 for the London Design Festival, Block serves as a visual quandary, delighting and confusing the onlookers by the sheerness, translucence and light altering properties. The entire line is meant to have 26 pieces, with the first three appearing under the names A/B/C. They aren’t standard wooden or metal tables that you can get from any big box furniture store. Block is an aesthetic standard, ideal for a minimalist décor, or simply a break from mundane choices. block-engimatic-side-table-02 The side table is made from polyutethane resin that gives it a glassy look. The resin is either clear or heavily coloured to give the bright feeling to Martin’s line. The divide between colour and clarity plays on bending light properties and refracting the light source through the colours, angles and edges of the pieces. As works of functional art, Block is sturdy, useable and holds up like any other side table. block-engimatic-side-table-03 Block A is 35x35x70cm rectangle table, Block B is a cylinder with a diameter of 35cm and a height of 60cm, while Block C is the largest of them, measuring at a meter tall and 50x20cm length and width. Because of the strength and size of these blocks, they are versatile and able to conform to whatever suits your needs. They can be used as a side table, impromptu seating, ledge, or anything else your imagination can think up. block-engimatic-side-table-04

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