BlinkLight: Bike Indicators

With the winter approaching everyone’s commute becomes harder. The weather conditions, the gloomy days, and the rush to get out of the cold, all of which lowers our attentiveness. If you’ve ever had to bike or walk a decent distance to your destination, you will easily see the value in this strategic product. Here to light your way, Heat-O has created BlinkLight. The design behind these human blinkers is so simple you’ll wonder why this accessory hasn’t been around sooner. A waist belt with a built-in light system allows you to move with ease, during the day and night. This “LED belt” is battery powered and comes with its own remote control. You have the option of attaching this belt to yourself, your bike, or even a stationary item. The belt is light-weight and stretchy. With comfort and style in mind, BlinkLight has covered all its bases. The lights are the same as a car or motorcycle, ensuring your safety and road security. The remote control indicator buttons are also just like a car. Switch them on or off when making a left or right turn. The hand motion which required you to let go of one bike handle, manually indicating your turn, is no longer an issue. The remote attaches to any bike handle easily, and also has a feature when in pedestrian mode. It also stays secure during your ride. If you ever plan on going on a night run, the belt has features to light up the whole band (not just the blinking section). What makes this more efficient than a reflector jacket is the: higher visibility, wearing anything you want with it, and having the ability to turn it off when need be. To purchase your own BlinkLight or find out more behind this innovative product, check you their Kickstarter campaign here.

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