Blink: Smart and Wireless HD Home Monitoring and Alert System

Blink Home Monitoring and Alert System is the first truly wireless home monitoring system complete with innovative hardware and adaptable functions. Blink’s price-point makes this system affordable, and the easy set-up and maintenance makes this project undeniably attractive. The Kickstarter campaign for Blink has greatly surpassed its goal of $200,000, and it has received over one million dollars in support from almost 7,000 backers. Even as the product has just gained funding, the team behind Blink are already making improvements to the design and functionality before it is even in the hands of the Kickstarter backers. The speed of development makes Blink an exciting product to watch. The beta model ships out this March.   Blink-01 The Blink Home Monitoring System can be purchased for as low as $49, with no monthly fees or contracts. It is battery powered and can last for a year before the batteries need to be changed. This price and battery life is possible because the Blink System uses a processor that was designed and built by Blink specifically for this device. The chip does what Blink needs it to do without wasting energy.   Blink-05 The innovative design also packs a lot of function into the small device. There are no cords so the small and sleek monitoring unit is easily positioned. It is motion-activated with a built-in microphone for both great picture and sound. For night monitoring, Blink is equipped with night vision and an LED flashlight that turns on and when motion is detected. When Blink detects motion, an alert is sent to the homeowner through email or the Blink app. All of these alerts can be adjusted.   Blink-03 One big concern for home monitoring systems is the threat of a hack, or having the camera record without user knowledge. Blink addressed this concern with a LED light that turns on when the device records. The light and its function are hardware based and can’t be hacked. The team behind Blink have also added a USB port for storage so that users do not have to store the video files on Blink’s servers. The set-up is simple. There is a monitoring unit with a camera and sensors, and a sync module that controls it. To begin, plug the sync module into an outlet and follow the prompts on the Blink app. The sync module controls the power used by all the monitoring units in the home for optimal performance and battery life.   Blink-04 The Blink Home Monitoring and Alert System is poised to make a splash in the home monitoring and home security market.  Blink is an innovative, affordable new product with a wide range of features – and looks good to boot.   Video:

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