Bleep Bleeps: Parenting Gadgets

Bleep Bleeps, designed by Tom Evans, are an array of little colourful devices that aim to make parenting simpler and more informed. Each member of the Bleep Bleeps family does something different. The total range of their abilities is impressively wide: from helping you get pregnant to keeping your stuff from getting stolen. bleep-bleeps-parenting-gadgets-02 Most of these little parenting gadgets are still in the development phase. The first product scheduled for release is Tony Tempa, a digital ear thermometer. Aside from reading body temperature, the little guy also shares the data it gathers with your smart phone via bluetooth. bleep-bleeps-parenting-gadgets-03 Next, there is Sammy Screamer, a movement sensor that connects to your smart device and sounds an alarm if your stuff gets moved. You can place Sammy on things like a bedroom door, your cookie jar, or your child’s stroller. You can use the Bleep Bleeps app to adjust Sammy’s sensitivity and loudness of his scream. bleep-bleeps-parenting-gadgets-04 The Bleep Bleeps app is a central platform for controlling all of the little gadgets. The app gathers unique information from each device and uses it to offer tips and advices based on the data it collects. bleep-bleeps-parenting-gadgets-05 Some of the parenting gadgets still expected to arrive at a future point in time include: Master Bates, a male fertility tester which assesses your sperm count; Olivia P Sticks, an ovulation tester, helping you know when you are most fertile; Ultra Stan, an ultrasound pregnancy scanner, allowing you to see your unborn child; David Camera, a video baby monitor; and Cecil G, a GPS bracelet, which tracks your child’s location. bleep-bleeps-parenting-gadgets-06 Video:

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