BlazePod: Supercharge Your Workouts

With warmer weather up and coming, it’s the perfect time to test your limits with BlazePod! Train your reflexes down to the millisecond with this new and innovative type of training! It’s simple to use, and your progress can be tracked through BlazePod’s smartphone app. Blazepod-4 With the smartphone app, browse through hundreds of different exercises that can be used alongside the BlazePod. The BlazePod is used slightly differently depending on which exercise you do. Tap on the BlazePod to start the timer and tap it again to stop the timer. More than one BlazePod can be used as you exercise, making it more difficult and challenging as you go! BlazePod-6 Exercise alone or with friends with BlazePod’s versatility! Exercises can include suspension training, functional training, stamina, agility, strength, core, and balance exercises. Simply select which exercise you’d like to do, set up the pods, and go! Follow the visual cues for signals on what to do and when to do it. Blazepod-8 The pods are made for sports, which means they are durable, weather-proof, water-resistant, and smash-proof. Get up to 12 hours of use from only a 45-minute charge for each pod. Easy charging means the pods can stack up to six, and still charge all at once. Only one cable is needed! Each pod comes with anti-slip traction tapes on the bottom for a better, easier workout, and a keyhole for attaching accessories such as hanging cups and hanging straps. blazepod-10 BlazePod encourages people to push their limits further and further because of its simple design, suitable size, and its convenient progress-tracking system. Use BlazePod easily, and anywhere! Merge existing workouts you know with completely new ones to change up your exercise style. BlazePod was funded through Kickstarter. To learn more about this product, check out the video below!

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