Blaze: The Safe Bike Laser Light

Blaze is a brilliant shining light created for the safety of cyclists by British designer Emily Brooke. While creating this minimalist and remarkable laser light, the designer has tried to minimize the accidents caused by the common issue of blind spot. Blaze-The-Safe-Bike-Laserlight-01 With the use of this laser light, the cyclist are safe and avoid the risk of getting hit by a lorry or car being pulled out of a T junction, or a bus turning left. These lights work effectively on wet, dry, or sunny road, alerting other traffic of the approaching cyclist. Blaze-The-Safe-Bike-Laserlight-02 This rechargeable light brilliantly shines at 300 lumens and also includes a laser, and projects a bright green image of a cycle on the road, also referred to as the bat light. Blaze-The-Safe-Bike-Laserlight-03 Working alongside the main beam, the Blaze is maneuvered by a button at the front of the laser light. Even the projected image on the road can be angled as desired by adjusting the tilt of the bracket. Blaze-The-Safe-Bike-Laserlight-04 The bat light image falls on the road 5-6m ahead of the cyclist thus providing a clear forewarning to the other road users. The present super compact prototype is just 110 mm in length and weighs less than 200gm. With waterproof aluminum encasing and acid-etched, silver and nickel control panel, the gadget is not only smart and sleek but extremely safe as well. Video:

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