BIRK: The Domino Box-Inspired Coffee Table

The BIRK coffee table is an interesting, unique and clever piece of furniture designed by Iselin Lindmark Dubland. Basically the design of the coffee table is inspired by a wooden dominos box, and interestingly, is made of four semi circles. BIRK-01 This rounded shaped table is designed to house the miscellaneous items that find their way on a coffee table. Being a student at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, the creator of this prototype coffee table found an innovative and creative solution to remove the accumulated clutter and knick-knacks away from your coffee table. BIRK-02 Made of birch veneer with solid birch legs, BIRK is designed cleverly using a structure consisting of four basic circles. This rounded table features two circles at each end of the table, another pink circle completes the storage space, and the fourth and last circle is the green tray that rests and slides. BIRK-03 The green tray is made from Valchromat and slides smoothly leaving enough space for a coffee cup. This sliding effect calls to mind the old wooden dominos boxes, and is indeed inspired by one. The tray can be taken out and used separately on the sofa as well. The storage space has a 100 % wool lining,  thereby is scratch proof and you can easily store hard objects Рyour laptop as well. BIRK-04

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