BIOVESSEL: Ecosystem Powered By Food Waste

Growing up, we’ve been taught not to waste food. However, as we get older, we may not make food waste a priority when we’re too full to take another bite or the dish is just not appetizing enough to finish. That’s where BIOVESSEL comes in. The product uses your food waste to create an indoor ecosystem that can sustain plant life. It is completely powered by nature–no batteries and no outlet plugs necessary. biovessel-03 According to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and World Resources Institute (WRI), one third of food produced worldwide is wasted. That’s approximately $1 trillion in U.S. currency. That one third of food is then thrown into landfills where it emits methane as it slowly decays. biovessel-food-waste-chart-04 BIOVESSEL is an indoor ecosystem that decomposes food waste the natural way. The significant elements to replicating a natural environment for decaying are earthworms and soil. The crawling creatures break down the food into miniature pieces which get mixed in the soil, dispersing the nutrients from the food waste. BIOVESSEL is odourless because the earthworms are so efficient in what they do that the food waste is decomposed before it starts emitting a bad smell from the fermentation phase. This urban ecosystem is made from 100 percent recyclable materials. The masterminds behind the product are BIONOCRAFT, a group of biologists, botanists, landscape designers, and architects who are dedicated to creating conservational technologies and developing eco-integrated solutions. “We often take food for granted and never think twice about our consumption behaviours.” They wrote on their Kickstarter page. biovessel-06 BIOVESSEL’s appearance was designed to fit the decomposition process with utmost efficiency, so its aesthetics were not designed with appeal in mind. Nevertheless, it can hold an impressive 1 kg of food at any given point and should always contain a minimum of 200 g. BIONOCRAFT’s eco-system vessel is designed to put food waste (including those unwanted ingredient scraps from cooking) to use. BIOVESSEL really is the perfect indoor compost product to be eco-friendly in urban cities. biovessel-food-05

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