BioLite: The Simple Solution to Starting a Fire

While nature is not exactly everybody’s favourite place to be, there is something alluring and mystical about the great outdoors. It can be scary, but with the aid of one of humanity’s earliest, and greatest, tools, Mother Nature is not as daunting: fire. Fire keeps us warm, provides light in the darkness, repels unwanted guests, and, perhaps most relevant in modern times, is beautiful to behold. Gathering around a campfire with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company is an image that invokes a warm and fuzzy feeling that can only be rivaled by the warmth of being next to the flames in reality. For all of this wonder and potential amusement, there is one glaring setback when it comes to enjoying an evening by the fire, and that is smoke. Smoke can hurt our eyes and give us headaches, and it seems to be unavoidable. Created to combat this issue is: BioLite, the simple solution to starting a fire you can enjoy. The BioLite fire pit can be fueled by either wood or charcoal. You can also use embers to try a hibachi style grilling experience. No complex or harmful chemicals are used with this device. To greatly limit the amount of smoke produced by burning the fuel source, there are 51 air jets located throughout the device that are serviced by a USB-rechargeable fan to strategically deliver oxygen to moderate temperature and increase combustion. The release of smoke from a fire is a result of unburnt fuel being emitted. As a result of less smoke being released from a BioLite fire, more of the fuel source is being utilized efficiently and those around the fire, or the food they are going to eat, are not getting harmed by the emissions of the event they are supposed to be enjoying. The fan has four settings available to alter the intensity and longevity of the fire. On the lowest setting, there is enough battery life for twenty-four hours of use, the medium setting has ten hours of use, and the high setting has five hours of use. The fan’s setting can be changed on the battery pack itself, or by the BioLite app. Despite being a contained structure, the BioLite does not rob the user of the majestic visuals fires can create. With the X-Ray Mesh Body, you can see a full 360-degree view of the fire’s glow and mesmerizing dance. The structure of the device makes transport and setup easy as well. Folding legs and minimal design leave very little room between you and enjoying one of nature’s greatest gifts. Whether you want to cook a nice meal or just enjoy good company, the BioLite offers a pleasant experience with a natural beauty. Without smoke to bother or harm you, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and just relax. The team behind BioLite are also using this technology to aid the third-world from harming themselves from smoke emissions. To learn more about their product and goals, visit their Kickstarter.

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