BioLite BaseCamp Stove: Turn Fire Into Electricity

The BaseCamp Stove by BioLite uses a thermoelectric generator to convert heat into electricity. The traditional approach to outdoor cooking meets modern design to provide the flavor and experience of cooking with wood, without the hazards of smoke inhalation. biolite-base-camp-stove-05 The Brooklyn-based design team at BioLite has been working on a smokeless solution to firewood cooking for nearly a decade, and the origins of the BaseCamp Stove can be traced to the flagship BioLite CampStove model. With half of the planet still cooking over open fires, “killing more people annually than AIDS and Malaria combined”, the team resolved to bring a smokeless cooking solution to homes across the globe. The BioLite HomeStove was designed for this purpose, and has made in-home cooking a safer activity for thousands of families in India, Ghana and Uganda. BioLite-BaseCamp-Stove-02 The BaseCamp Stove provides the same smokeless approach to cooking as its sister models, with additional features that modernize the outdoor camping experience. The BaseCamp Stove functions by storing energy from an open flame in a thermoelectric generator which is then used to propel a fan inside the stove. The fan increases combustion, and any excess electricity is sent to a USB port which can be used to charge devices off-grid. In addition to functioning as a cooking stove, the BaseCamp can be used as a generator to charge devices such as phones, GPS and GoPro’s. Additional features include a flexible USB light attachment, LED dashboard and a large cooktop surface. BioLite-BaseCamp-Stove-03 The BioLite BaseCamp Stove brings the authentic experience of cooking with wood, with the additional feature of allowing users to charge their modern devices off-grid. The BaseCamp has been shipping since July of 2014 after a hugely successful KickStarter campaign. BioLite-BaseCamp-Stove-04 To purchase and read more about the Biolite BaseCamp click here.

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