Binchotan for Skin Care

Binchotan is a traditional Japanese charcoal made from ubame oak and dates back to the Edo Period. Its first use was as a clean-burning fuel for cooking, which is a great alternative to using propane. It has been discovered that Binchotan also provides health benefits for the skin, because of its small pores and ability to soak up unwanted chemicals.   It is no wonder why binchotan can be effectively used as a body scrub, facial puff, and soap. We’ve discovered binchotan products from Morihata and really like them because they are genuine and made to a high quality. The body scrub towel has two sides to it – a softer side for the more sensitive areas, and a more coarse side for scrubbing rougher areas like the elbow. This scrub towel is thicker than most body scrub towels, so it allows you to lather up more soap. The facial puff is made from of two materials: konjac (elephant yam) roots and micro-fine power of binchotan charcoal. The surface is really soft and smooth, and yet is a little glutinous to stick to and remove impurities from your pores. It also has the effect of neutralizing your skin’s PH level. Finally, the facial soap is made of all natural extracts and contains binchotan charcoal powder, which will help gently exfoliate your skin. Aside from the usual properties of a good soap (moisturizing and absorbant), the binchotan charcoal also has detoxifying effects because of its antibacterial properties. Binchotan Skin Care Set is now on the IPPINKA store.    

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