Bilbao: The Tree Shelf

Like all good designs, the Bilbao Tree Shelf leaves a lasting impression. The New York City based artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the everyday. Bilbao is the shelving unit that puts to shame any other contester. Ideal for books and small decor storage, this piece will remain a distinguished item in any household. bilbao-02 The shelf is made of platano oriental and jequitiba wood. Every branch has been, in the words of the artist, twisted, turned, and readapted to be placed on a flat wall surface. The process involves sanding down the wood to remove any sharp or unwanted edges, having it lacquered for a smooth finish and coating everything in black to add to it’s chic and definitive look. bilbao-03 There are seven glass panels installed into Bilbao measuring in at, width: 23,6 “, depth: 3,9” and height: 1”. Each one is transparent and tightly secured into the tree’s branches. The structure itself is screwed into place at several different points, ensuring everything is fully attached and durable. bilbao-04 The whole unit is 8 ft in height, 10 ft in width, and 1.2 ft in depth. Given its large dimensions this piece takes up quite a bit of space and yet keeps its minimalist appearance. The tree bark, which gives the illusion that the shelf is mounted from the floor up, is actually held together with stainless steel hardware. Strategically shaped to give a natural look, no screws, bolts or wires are revealed. The simple and untouched look of this product is crucial to its representation. bilbao-05 The story of this unique bookshelf goes as follows. Sebastian was walking around his hometown of Santiago, Chile and crossed a fallen branch. It was in this ordinary moment that the inspiration of Biblao occurred to him. He brought the pieces of the dead tree home and worked with them to create this stunning design. To see similar products by this artist and find out more about Biblao click here. bilbao-06

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