Big Rig: Charge Your Laptop by Exercising

Big Rig is a stationary bike desk charger, engineered so that you can exercise while you work. On top of that, the kinetic energy created by your pedalling charges your electronics! The desk itself is large enough to hold approximately two laptops plus an extra display. Big-Rig-Charge-Your-Laptop-by-Exercising-02 The contraption is available through a Kickstarter campaign, with the full set costing $2,550–including the machine, the electric generator, and a battery pack. It can produce an average of about 75 watts of power, if the user is biking continuously at a set pace for two hours. This means that it can generate enough energy to power a laptop for about 6 hours and a smartphone for about 40. Big-Rig-Charge-Your-Laptop-by-Exercising-03 Big Rig is ergonomically focused for comfort and efficiency, with an adjustable seat and work surface to maximize performance. Big-Rig-Charge-Your-Laptop-By-Exercising-04 Video:

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