Beyond Standards: Coffee Bench

Sometimes all we need is a bench to take a break from our busy lives. What if designers could do better, and give you a bench that is also a coffee table at the same time? beyond-standards-coffee-bench-04 Designed by the collaborative efforts of a product designer and interior architect, Poland-based design studio Beyond Standards has incredibly harmonized material, technology, and space to create their product – Coffee Bench. beyond-standards-coffee-bench-02 Coffee Bench is a smart, space-savvy, rotating furniture that combines a bench and a table. A simple push or pull easily transforms the bench to adjust to user’s needs, whether that is an extra side table or an arm rest. beyond-standards-coffee-bench-03 The universal mechanism design allows the bench to be made from various materials and in varying lengths. Due to this design versatility, the Coffee Bench design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. beyond-standards-coffee-bench-05

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