BerryBreeze Fridge Fresh

It really doesn’t get better than fresh fruits and vegetables. Sadly, the most nutrient-packed foods usually spoil the quickest, giving you a pretty small window of eating opportunity once they’re in your fridge. In hopes of saving money and complying with busy life schedules, many people turn to processed foods as their alternatives (but we all know the downside of this). In an effort to win the nutrition vs. convenience battle, BerryBreeze has introduced Fridge Fresh, an activated oxygen refrigerator deodorizer. By converting the regular, old oxygen in your fridge into O3, a pure activated oxygen, Fridge Fresh both neutralizes ethylene gases that cause odours and zaps the microorganisms that cause food decay. This ideal food environment helps to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables by up to three times longer than that of a regular refrigerator. BerryBreeze places great importance on the environmental benefits of keeping food fresher longer, including being able to do so without plastic bags, plastic wraps, or other food containers. It’ll also save you a ton of money-definitely a plus. Attacking the two fundamental reasons that food goes bad sets Fridge Fresh apart from other products on the market. By using oxygen rather than chemicals to delay the growth of food-spoiling microorganisms, Fridge Fresh is also completely non-toxic. All it needs is a pack of batteries and a cozy place in your fridge-which can be anywhere. Harness the power of nature and get the most out of your food and money. Save more to enjoy more!

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