BergHOFF Grill: Minimalist Table Grill

When that summer season is just around the corner, your weekend plans of wining and dining will probably include the outdoors. If so, using a grill to cook your favourite foods provides the perfect meal meant for the summer. You and your friends outside with, possibly, a nice breeze under a tree, would be a great setting to have food freshly cooked right off a grill. There are many types of grills out there; however, they do have a certain box-like or a canister-like style to them. BergHoff, an international kitchenware brand, sells a grill called the Table Grill where it performs two functions. One is grilling food, and the other is serving as a table. table grill-1 The Table Grill is a cylindrical shape that stands at 22 cm with a width of 35cm. It is made from carbon steel. The inside is hollow for placing the fire-basket that holds the charcoal grate where charcoal is put to burn. There are other parts, like the heat shield, grill lifting tool, carry strap, and detachable handles that make this grill complete. The other feature of a cork pad covers the grill when it’s not in use, giving it a table function. Subsequently, the cork pad can be placed underneath it when in use to provide a firm grip of it. table grill-2 It comes in two different colours, black and white, and as noted before, it uses charcoal to fuel fire for cooking. Foods cooked on a grill have earned their accolades for being juicy, fresh, and flavourful to a different type. Using charcoal versus a propane grill gives more smoke, and more smoke gives more molecules that are pertinent for flavour. table grill-3 If there is a choice to use a charcoal grill over a propane one, whatever the reason for your preference (flavour, preference for cooking, etc.), the Table Grill gives a multi-purpose function with a very compact way to do so. Click here to buy this item.

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