BeON: Smart Home Security System

BeON lightbulbs with yellow modules in the centre
BeON is simple, smart security system for your home in a compact and easy-to-install package. Designed to look and work like a lightbulb, you can hide the security system in any light in your home – just simply screw in the bulb and you are good to go. It is an innovative design reminiscent of Nest learning thermostats. BeON learns your habits and controls your lights to discourage burglars when no one is at home.   Click the bulb, flick a light switch, or swipe a smartphone to use BeON BeOn is the brainchild of Alexei Erchak and Arvind Baliga, co-founders of BeON Home. Frustrated that they could not find the security system to fit their needs, Erchak and Baliga set out to create their own. The BeON Kickstarter page reached its goal in December 2014, and the “Listener” model is now available for pre-order. While traditional alarm systems are reactionary, BeON uses preventative measures to make homes look lived in while the homeowners are away, deterring thieves. It is like a light timer, but better hidden, multi-functional, and “smart.” Once installed in any light fixture, BeON learns the lighting habits of the household, and mimics them when the owners are away. The system uses Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled remotely through an app. It also listens and reacts to the doorbell chime to mimic movement in the home.   BeON app interface and controls Each element of BeON is designed for maximum safety, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. The bulb dims slowly when you turn it off, rather than immediately go dark. If smoke alarms sound, BeON will light the way to safety. The rechargeable battery within BeON lasts for 4 hours on a full charge, providing light during a power outage. The middle module is also replaceable so that customers can upgrade the system easily. The lightbulb component works just as well as its “smart” parts. It is an energy-saving bulb that emits the light of a 60W bulb, but uses 10W of energy for the light, and a mere 3W to run the security. It is an energy-saving bulb that also houses a security system.   Current and upcoming BeON models BeON is also cost-effective. Without any installation fees or monthly service fees, BeON offers preventative security for a fraction of the cost. BeON is an innovative new product attuned to a modern lifestyle with new modules already in development. It is simple, connected, functional, and sleek. It is a small addition that offers a great peace of mind.   Video:  

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