Bentu Design Speckled Ceramic Furniture Collection

Bentu Design, a Chinese based company, collects leftover ceramic waste to create speckled terrazzo-styled furniture and lighting. The collection was created as an answer to the increasing 4 million tonnes of ceramic waste that comes from Foshan City in China. The area is known for being one of the world’s largest ceramics production centre which generates a lot of waste that eventually makes its way into landfills. Bentu Design, based in Shenzhen, knows that the cost of this disposal process is high in costs. Additionally, it can affect the land and wildlife which has lasting effects on our environment. Their collection is a “material regeneration experiment” utilizing wasted ceramic tiles and making them into terrazzo. Thus, each piece is unique and interesting. These pieces are sure to be an amazing conversation starter for any design lover’s home! The studio blends the tiles together with concrete and later polishes them to a shiny and smooth finish. The pieces are exceptionally lightweight due to being cast in slim panels and a grid-like structural base. They have the ability to elevate the style of a minimalist decor scheme by adding subtle flair. The unique speckled terrazzo aesthetic is used for shelving units, benches, lighting fixtures, and tables of various styles. The studio offers light and dark versions. However, recently they have expanded the collection to include a light blue and powder pink. They offer a lot more a selection based on the material they can gather. Their experiment in design urges us to revaluate our practices as consumers. Therefore, they are inviting us to consider how to integrate conscious environmental choices into our daily lives. The company is very concerned with altering our idea of how design and material tie into each other. Their other collections also showcase the use of concrete. Bentu Design has always been trying to experiment with collections using leftover materials and breathing new life into what we assume to be rubbish.

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