Bellcycle: A New Kind of Bicycle

It has become more important now than ever to consider and take action reducing our carbon footprint. Our ever-evolving journey from car to public transit to bikes and then foot power is the typical story arch we tend to follow. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to subscribe to all the same bikes on the market. What if there was a product out there that was as adaptable as you? Bellcycle is a new type of bicycle created by Labs Bell. It is compact, unique and is adaptable. The bike comes in a kit that you can assemble which gives you a range of possibilities. It is an experimental bike that packs a punch in a condensed frame. Instead of taking an extended and haunched position on a traditional bike, the handlebars are your sides. Your hands fall naturally to your sides for ease and comfort. Therefore, it gives your back a bit of a break from the strain. The Bellcycle is designed to have front wheel drive through an innovated “criss-cross” gearing system. The pedals have been moved to the front wheel and the overall body has been shorted with an added pivot in the centre for better stability. Furthermore, the “criss-cross” drive is included in a way that makes for a compact transmission that omits high costs. An online tutorial is included to guide you on your journey to assemble your own unique bike. Bellcycle was created to allow the rider to take actively participate in the creation of what they’re consuming. Cyclists are in control of creating their own custom mode of transportation. If you are looking to stop short on the bike, simply lean forward and you will just end up on your feet. Currently, you can check out the Bellcycle in action on their Kickstarter page to see how it maneuvers around the city streets of New York!

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