BeanPlus: The Cold Drip Coffee Brewer

Bring out the best flavors in your coffee with the BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer. This coffee brewer uses a unique drip method to brew the perfect cup, also known as the dutch or Kyoto style coffee. BeanPlus-The-Cold-Drip-Coffee-Brewer-03 Regular cold brewers use the tea bag method, meaning the coffee grind is immersed in a water container. BeanPlus utilizes the drip method, which offers richer, more complex full bodied flavor. It also requires only 4 hours of minimum brewing time, as opposed to 12 hours for the tea bag method. It also requires less coffee grounds than the tea bag method. BeanPlus-The-Cold-Drip-Coffee-Brewer-04 This Cold Drip Brewer allows you to adjust the valve to achieve your desired strength of coffee. The water drip rate is adjusted through the water filter rather than adjusting the size of the drip hole. This makes sure there is a consistent drip rate. BeanPlus-The-Cold-Drip-Coffee-Brewer-05 Made with a unique built-in water filter, the system purifies the water while regulating drip speed. The drip is constant from beginning to end and blocks any blockage of the valve resulting in hassle-free brewing. Its air tight design also inhibits outside dust and particles from contaminating the coffee. BeanPlus-Cold-Drip-Brewer-02 The brewer is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning, and also compact and portable to take on-the-go. It is made with reinforced glass for maximum durability, resistant to high-heat exposure and cracking. It is also crafted using sustainable materials and does not require any electricity whatsoever! BrewPlus offers an affordable cold drip brewer to provide the best flavor that no other brew method can provide. BeanPlus Indiegogo Campaign Video from BeanPlus on Vimeo.

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